One Week!

Ben's home from school today because of a teacher inservice day. I used to dread days off because he always turns into a little maniac completely bored out of his mind at home. But that was Kindergarten and something switched in 1st grade and he's much more mellow (most days, anyway!)

This morning we went on our usual donut run. We go every Friday if Ben hasn't gotten his binder signed at school. So basically we go every Friday morning on our way to school. He NEVER gets his binder signed! I know, never say never, but I should probably institute some other rule for getting donuts since this one is obviously too easy for him. But despite all that we headed to Shipley's and ate inside (gasp!) but only if they both promised to be good while we went to half price day at Thrift Town. They were both great, even though the sugar high started to turn into complete exhaustion for both of them after we'd been shopping for an hour.

The usual every day things are things that I love a lot with my kids. Stuff I'm enjoying while they're both so portable and mostly well behaved in public. We can actually eat at sit-down restaurants with a 2-year old and she rarely gives us a lick of trouble. (Trust me, we adore our kids and have to remind ourselves that their occasional whining and complaining are way more easily tolerable than what we could get from them!)

So in a little over a week on October 1st we find out what we're having! And how much it's going to change our life early next year. Not that girls and boys can't both be well behaved but there is definitely a difference! I'm hoping it's a girl because we already have a girl name (that we've had since I was pregnant with Ben, but we knew that wasn't supposed to be Shelby's name) but John is pretty certain it's a boy and he's 2-0 on guessing the gender of our babies. We don't have a boys name. Not even a middle name or an IDEA of a name. Parker is the only one we've even agreed that we both like, but we also both agree that our baby probably isn't supposed to be Parker. I'd love boy name suggestions! Nothing wacky, just simple, not too trendy, doesn't end in -y boy names. Just in case! Our girl name is Cameron Elizabeth. (The spelling of Cameron is still undecided, though.)

Anyway. Not a lot going on around here. Just trying to keep my house clean, picking a realtor in the next couple of weeks, constantly looking at houses online, praying to find a buyer, trying not to pass out at 8pm every night, trying not to eat too much since I finally feel good again, watching lots of girly movies while Ben's at school, spending time at baseball practice. Loving times like these and hoping for big changes soon!

Jalei & Lane  – (September 22, 2012 2:03 PM)  

Can't wait to hear what you're having! Some names on our boys list were Owen & Oliver. Those are kind of trendy, but I still like them. I also like Vance.

The Hofer Family  – (September 23, 2012 4:34 PM)  

I love your girl name. If we had ever had a boy, I liked Liam, Owen, and Harrison.

Regina  – (October 01, 2012 10:38 PM)  

Can't wait to hear was your having!! I like the names Levi, Hunter, Landon, Tyler, Ryan. Less traditional names I like are Asher, Reeves, Mason, Spencer. Good luck!!

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